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Tinez Roots Club - Have you heard?!

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Tinez Roots Club (live) - JL Boogie

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  • Real Roots Cafe (may 25, 2017)
    Have You Heard?! has become a strong album, which now and then makes you think of Junior Walker and the All-Stars``
  • ***** (may 19 2017)
    ``The album shoots into every direction because of the many variations in styles, tempo, build-up and atmosphere.<br /> The listener is taken on a trip to a time where music still was sincere and fun was the main thing.<br /> And because of that, this album deserves to be listened by a broad audience``
  • **** Lust For Life (april 2017)
    ``If someone would have told me that this album was about the rich American R&B legacy, I would have believed that.<br /> Haven't heard such a swingin' album in years``

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