Tinez Roots Club album cover
5 maart 2017
Tinez Roots Club
Rootz Rumble
Producer: Bird Stevens

Two honkin’ saxophones, a high-blowin’ trumpet, a deliciously grooving hammond organ and wild-beating drums; it makes audiences shiver and rooms rumble.

The songs on this already third album show many variations in styles, tempo, build-up and atmosphere. Energetic and addictive music, almost as if they’re played in a sweaty bar in New Orleans.

“If someone would have told me that this album was about the rich American R&B legacy, I would have believed that.
Haven’t heard such a swingin’ album in years”
Lust For Life 

“Talking of great albums, this is one!  A steamin’ spicy gumbo of breathtaking R&B, swing and rock & roll.
A 13 tracks long adrenaline rush”


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